Millionaire Yoni™ Gift Set

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Millionaire Yoni™ is the long awaited spin off to our best selling Millionaire P💎ssy™ Collection. This sweet smelling Yoni Oil is crafted with love to enrich and sweeten the precious & sacred temple known as your Yoni. Millionaire Yoni™ Is formulated with a blend of natural flowers and roots that can benefit your sacred area in many ways such as:

  • Enhances moisture & hydration 
  • Soothing Itching
  • Preventing Ingrown hairs
  • Preventing excess bacteria
  • Promotes soothing & calming


`JasmineRose, Lavender, & Hibiscus also contain metaphysical properties of enhances feelings of love, passion & desire. While Marigold & Sarsaparilla have traditionally been known in folk magic to attract luck and good fortune. Grapeseed and Coconut oil are sure to provide enough soothing moisture to make your Yoni feel replenished, refreshed and rejuvenated. 

Our best-selling Millionaire P💎ssy™ Mist now is bigger and better than ever in a huge 4 Oz bottle, “Millionaire P💎ssy Deluxe™“, and is included in this gift set along with a pretty but powerful little Gris Gris bag dressed with traditional Hoodoo herbs like Jezebel Root, amongst others, that attract Prosperity, Abundance, Success and Wealthy Suitors.