Who We Are


Naima The Sun Goddess

My name is Naima, and it has been my ultimate goal and life-long legacy to not just provide quality spiritual products, but to educate and inform the masses on Aboriginal American customs, cultures and mysticism. I descend from a long line of Muskogee Creek and Euchee Indians who trace their lineage to pre-colonial Georgia and South Carolina. I grew up with my paternal grandmother periodically dropping jewels of knowledge regarding different herbs, roots and flowers. As a child, although fascinated and grateful to be soaking up her love and attention, I didn't quite understand why she would always tell me these things. It wasn't until I grew up and had children of my own that I understood the importance of oral history and passing on your legacy to your descendants. I now work hard to not only share this gift with my children, but anyone with pure intentions who is open to receiving it. 

All NTSG products are made with 100% Organic herbs, roots, flowers and essential oils. It is our mission to bring you quality, all-natural products, free of synthetics or additives.